Memorable way to end the regular season


Three original six match ups, the Rocket's statue is unveiled at HHOF and Gio caps the season in a most captain-like way

Size really, really doesn't matter


Two games in Florida and a touching look back at Masterton candidate David Desharnais' unique rise to the NHL. Also, another one of those Ottawa embarrassments.

All we do is win


Four important wins as the season winds to a close, P.K. makes a young fan's day and we discover Murray's hockey roots in Sweden.

Vanek finds his way into Montreal's coeur


Vanek returns to Buffalo, and gets his first hat-trick as a Hab

24 CH Recap: Season 2, Episode 23


Sinking in the Shark Tank, learning how to say Plekanec and setting some NHL history with an overtime win for the ages

24CH Recap: Season 2, Episode 22


The boys begin their western journey and must again play without Price. A young goalie gets his debut for the CH, the team visits the Violent Gentlemen warehouse and Marc Bergevin masterminds a...


Eller always wanted to be a Hab

The 24CH crew went to Denmark to speak with Eller's family about his youth hockey experience and childhood.

24CH Recap: Season 2, Episode 21


The boys are back from the Olympic break and congratulate their gold medallists. Peter Budaj sees more ice time than he's had ever, and manages a couple of sweet wins in Carey Price's absence.

#24CH Recap: Season 2, Episode 17


The team gets a social media lesson, we follow RDS around, and the boys can't find a win during the January blues.

24CH Recap: Season 2, Episode 20


We make a trade with Vancouver, Gally gets pushed around in front of refs who decided to take a coffee break, White is back and on track, Subban shows off his expensive style, and seven players get...


24CH Recap: Season 2, Episode 19


Nice, but not perfect, recovery after a painful week; and Carey makes a young fan's dream come true.

24CH Recap: Season 2, Episode 18


All the good things about this one have nothing to do with hockey.

24CH Recap: Season 2, Episode 16


Disallowed goals, countries name eight Habs to their Olympic teams, Galchenyuk breaks his wrist, and the Habs have a surprise in store for the Stanley Cup champs.

24CH Recap: Season 2, Episode 15


Old year, new year, road trip, outrageous calls, bats in the Bell, and we finally find out the name of the equipment manager.

24CH Recap: Season 2, Episode 14


Bye Bye 2013

24CH Flash: Subban & Price make Team Canada

24CH was behind the scenes for Subban and Price learning they made Team Canada, check it out!

Season 2, episode 13 recap


The boys make their yearly visit to a children's hospital, we learn that a "pif" by any other name is confusing, and Tomas Plekanec gets a clever early Christmas present

Season 2, episode 12 recap


One scoreless game, one near win, one overtime win, one repeat concussion, this is a terrible Christmas song.

Season 2, episode 11 recap


Four games, four wins for the Habs, perfect in the first week of December

Season 2, Episode 10 recap


Movember comes to a close, there is no losing in regulation and Pacioretty debuts a signature move

Season 2, Episode 9 recap


Patch gets Wild, Desharnais is producing, the Penguins are flightless and Wolverine has unique super healing powers


24CH Flash: Bournival's shot block

It's been a week since Bournival's heroic block against the Capitals, and 24CH has decided to take us behind the scenes.

Season 2, episode 8 recap


Desharnais is a hero, Subban and Prust are Montreal's next top models, and Emelin returns

Season 2, episode 7 recap


Everything that happened between November 5 and 10, from the Blues to the Islanders. P.K. gets pranked, Galchenyuk kisses his jersey, and Gio gets a stick to the kisser.

Season 2, episode 6 recap


Father/son road trip, Movember, and 2 wins and 2 losses

Season 2, episode 5 recap


Recapping this season's 5th episode; Saku returns to Montreal, the guys start French classes, P.K. gets punk'd and one young fan's dream comes true

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