NHL Life Episode 1: A spotlight on P.K. Subban

Has the NHL finally figured out what a marketable talent P.K. Subban is? Of all the players in the NHL they could choose to lead off their new series with, they chose him.

The NHL has a new behind the scenes web series called NHL Life, and who did they choose to feature in the very first episode? Montreal Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban.

We've been saying for years that Subban's electrifying play, magnetic personality, and eloquence makes him an incredibly marketable talent that the NHL has largely ignored, but it looks like they may have finally woken up.

Subban talks about why drives him, his need to be the best, and how he doesn't believe in luck. His family taught him that hard work will take you places, and that's been his philosophy in hockey and in life.

After hockey, Subban mentions that fashion may be his biggest interest, noting that because of the rigours of the NHL schedule, getting nicely fitted clothes can be very difficult. Weight fluctuates constantly during the season, and if you're a well dressed man like P.K. Subban, that means you go through a lot of pants.

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