Douglas Murray fights John Scott

Last night after Scott crashed the net long after the whistle, Murray took it upon himself to defend his teammates.

We bash Douglas Murray a lot on EOTP for being a terrible hockey player, but it takes a certain type of courage to go toe to toe with a player like John Scott in a fist fight. Murray is no stranger to fights, but he's not at the same level that Scott is, and even the gargantuan Murray gives up 5 inches and 25 pounds to Scott.

The thing that bothered me about this fight, is that Murray hangs on and acquits himself well, then it looks like he puts his head down after his helmet flies off, and taps Scott on the shoulder. We can't know for sure what Murray is saying, but it looks a lot like he's saying he's done and the fight is over. He then opens himself up a bit, and Scott absolutely goes to town throwing haymakers.

Murray was cut badly above his left eye as a result, and it seems like just one more moment to toss in the growing pile of evidence that John Scott is a massive jerk.

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