Ryan White shaves his head in solidarity with cancer patient

Ryan White makes his season debut tonight, but he has a whole new look, for a good reason.

When it was revealed that Ryan White had shed his long hair in favour of a buzz cut, being an internet community we all had a bit of fun.

"Did he lose his crazy-powers?"

"Ryan White broke bad"

But as it turns out, White's initial statement of wanting to switch things up wasn't exactly the whole reason for the change. As it turns out, White shaved his head in support of the daughter of his billet family from his time with the Calgary Hitmen.

Kailani Decock was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma this year, a type of cancer that should be familiar to hockey fans, as Mario Lemieux battled it in the 90's.

"I decided to shave it to support my billet family's daughter, who has cancer." White explained, "They say it's one of the more treatable cancers and I'm doing what I can to support her."

The well-spoken grinder is often labelled dumb and/or crazy for the unhinged way he plays, with his heart on his sleeve, but Ryan White has shown us a little bit of himself behind the hockey player.

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