‘Twas the Night Before Expansion

A Hockey Poem

‘Twas the day before Expansion, and all though the cities
Not a creature was stirring, there were no more committees.
The protected lists were released to Vegas with care,
In hopes that their favorites wouldn’t go anywhere.

The GMs were decked out in their best formal threads,
While visions of missed trades danced in their heads.
And D-men in Ottawa and forwards on the Caps
Were all pretending they gave zero craps.

Alone there in Vegas, Reid Duke wants a friend,
While the coaches all want this damn thing to end.
Packing his bags just in case was James Neal  
Vegas may want picks and be willing to deal.

From Vancouver the Knights did not know who to take,
While Habs fans all prayed for poor Hudon’s sake.
Seguin wanted to play by the Strip,
While Stars fans were happy it’d be on a road trip.

And rumors of backroom deals did fly,
They may not work, but it’d be worth a try.
Off to Nevada on airplanes they flew,  
Ready to see what the Golden Knights would do.

Awards would be given, but few really cared,
They were hoping their 4th D-man would be spared.  
A goalie would be chosen in such a big hurry,
And everyone knew it would be Marc-André Fleury.

Now, Boedker! Now, Kruger! Now, Demers or Eakin!
Or, Riemsdyk! Or Reinhart! Or Neuvirth and Vatanen!
To Vegas they go! Even if they wish stay!
Draft away! Draft away! For Vegas they’ll play!

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