Report: No incentive needed for Vegas to choose Alexei Emelin

Pierre LeBrun says the pick was not part of a trade

Well the Vegas selection of Alexei Emelin is all but official, with several reports confirming that will be the pick tonight, and Pierre LeBrun has reported that there will not be a draft pick or incentive from Montreal.

There were reports that Marc Bergevin was content to let the process play out, and it seems that is what happened here.

It means that Montreal will get rid of the $4.1 million cap hit without having to give up a draft pick.

There are still whispers that there are other deals out there for Marc Bergevin, and he does have to re-sign Alex Galchenyuk, Alexander Radulov, and Andrei Markov. Now he has a bit more cap room to play with, as the Canadiens will have around $23 million.

For the Canadiens to lose Emelin and not have to give up a draft pick to do so is actually quite remarkable, if it is true.

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