The Daily Links - October 18, 2010

• Why do I have the feeling that this story will not go away. I still think the Habs should have treated Boucher in the same manner that they would have treated Price and Subban. They were cut throat in trading Huet and Halak in order to assure Price would remain in the organization, Boucher should have been no different. This doesn't mean I agree with firing Martin, but an ascension plan and overpaying him would have sufficed.

• As much as I am a fan of Carey Price, this is the type of hyperbole that lead to his horrific media lead collapse that his image suffered over the last 20 months. Saturday's win against the Senators had NOTHING to do with Carey Price. The narrative of that game should be the complete and utter domination the Canadiens displayed. After going ahead 3-1 the Senators had 6 shots, 3 of which came from 40+ feet. In 30 minutes they gave up two scoring chances and people are talking about the "mental toughness" of Price for stopping a 2 on 1. This is the second time this season that the Canadiens have come back and actually provided offense and had they not, the narrative would be focused on the goals he did not stop, not his mental toughness on the ones he did. Everybody is fuzzy about his start this season, if Fleury had not handed them a gift W in Pittsburgh and the Habs scored 2 or less for him against Ottawa like they did the majority of last season how sharp would the knives be right now? His SV% is .914 to last seasons .912, his goals against average is marginally better and now he is a hero? Let's report what happens on the ice, not the redemption story that we all want to happen.

The rebirth of Brother Andrei has a million layers. This onion needs to be peeled. Andrei Kostitsyn was drafted ahead of Carter, Richards, Getzlaf etc. The Sergei distraction. His mob connections, contract year and his fantastic mullet and one word interviews need to be examined further.

Did you know the Leafs were 4-0? The media needs to cover this, I don't think that Europe knows. Now that the Carey Price win counter is dead, what is the next rationalization Leaf Nation will create to compensate for 40+ years of sucking?

Bulldogs send two to Wheeling. The Hamilton Bulldogs sent defencemen Sebastien Bisaillon and David Urquhart to the Wheeling Nailers (ECHL) on Monday.

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