NHL Trade Deadline - Raffi Torres acquired by San Jose

We have a trade to announce...

The San Jose Sharks were so likeable, and they've now ruined it by trading for uber-douche Raffi Torres. The return going the way of the Phoenix Coyotes is San Jose's 3rd round pick in this year's draft.

Torres has 11 points in 28 games this season at 31 years old, making $1.75M before becoming an unrestricted free agent in July.

Torres has played an extremely sheltered role this season with a 60.6% offensive zone start percentage, while still managing to have negative possession.

This seems to be the first move that Doug Wilson has made this year that looks negative, but maybe he felt that his team needed a bit more sandpaper.

Torres also has the x-factor of injuring your opponent's best player before getting suspended, so that could really help the Sharks get through at least one round of the playoffs. It worked for Phoenix!

Check out Fear the Fin for more analysis of this trade.

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