NHL Trade Deadline - Jason Pominville traded to the Wild

We have a trade to announce...

The Buffalo Sabres fire sale continues as Darcy Regier has traded his captain Jason Pominville to the Minnesota Wild for goaltending prospect Matt Hackett and forward prospect Johan Larsson.

Pominville is an excellent player, and a big add for Minnesota, who are up extremely tight against the cap now. He can play center or right wing, and is good for about 60 points a season.

Even if both of the prospects work out for Buffalo, trading a player as good as Pominville seems like an unnecessary risk, although the Sabres seem to be going into full rebuild mode, and Pominville did just hit age 30.

The Wild's excellent prospect base allows them to make this move without really even feeling a loss.

The Sabres getting even weaker is great news for Habs fans.

Check out Die by the Blade and Hockey Wilderness for more analysis on this trade.

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