Canadiens vs. Ducks Top Six Minutes: Open season

The Habs score five times to chase Anaheim out of the building.

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By now, it’s no secret that I have become the TSM jinx.

In all three games I’ve covered so far this season, I have yet to wrap it up with a ‘W’. And I mean these are bad losses. One was the horrible 10-0 loss to Columbus and another was watching Price get pulled then shoot the scandalous glare to the bench.

A win tonight would be really great for me the Habs.

First period:

  • And we’re off!
  • Gallagher has a collision with Bernier. But it’s not a Gally kinda interference. Bernier was way out of his net and, unassuming, Gally backed into him and pretty much...well... ran him over.
  • Naturally, this causes a flock of Ducks to swarm Gallagher.
  • After a quick check by the doc, everyone’s ok. Well, except for that one linesman who had to go for repairs.
  • Getzlaf pulls a ballerina move and almost slices Gallagher’s face with his skate. Let’s leave the fancy leg moves for the figure skating competition Ryan.
  • I fear this game will not be kind to Gally. Did I mention, we’re not even five minutes in yet?
  • Ducks make it 1-0 from the face-off.
  • Looky here. We’ve got ourselves and IceCaps line! Carr-McCarron-Terry.
  • Price fires the puck down the ice during a penalty kill. Byron jumps on it, speeding down the ice in true Byron fashion ready to notch another short-handed goal. Instead, he’s hauled down by Cam Fowler.
  • Byron’s Revenge! Petry takes a wrist shot and Byron scoops up the rebound to tie the game with less than a minute left. /

Second period:

  • Anaheim are out-hitting the Habs 21-4 but the Habs aren’t fazed in the least, allowing only two shots on Price so far.
  • Nice to see Beaulieu showing confidence out there tonight.
  • Holzer tussles with Gallagher after the whistle. Ritchie wants to join in on the fun but gets slapped with unsportsmanlike conduct against Gally instead.
  • After nothing to show for their power play, the Habs immediately get another shot as Holzer gets sent to the box on a slashing call against McCarron.
  • Was was! A PP Goal! A wonderful sequence of events of Lekonen winning the face-off, a slick stick-to-stick pass from Byron to Pleks gives the Habs the lead.
  • We’re seeing Gallagher’s Gallyness peek through tonight. Welcome back. We’ve missed you!
  • The buzzer sounds and everyone grabs a dance partner. Grab your partner round and round.../

Third period:

  • Mitchell starts the period in the sin bin serving two minutes for roughing after having Gallagher’s back during the dance-off.
  • Petry one-times it to the net to stretch his goal streak to three games. Off the post and right on past Bernier gives the Habs a two-goal lead.
  • Carr with the wrap-around but can’t tuck it in, drawing a penalty instead. Second best thing you can do.
  • Another power-play goal! Pacioretty used Gallagher as a decoy to snap one past Bernier. 4-1 Habs!
  • Carr rushes to the net to grab a rebound. Corey Perry gets a little testy and throws Carr to the ice. The last two power plays worked in our favor. Why not go for a third?
  • That’s it boys. in Bernier’s head.
  • With 46.9 seconds left, Chris Terry  squeezes one past Bernier to notch his first goal as a Montreal Canadien and make it 5-1! Assist goes to Michael McCarron. Look at those IceCaps go!
  • The Habs get the win! /

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