Montreal Canadiens to begin 2013 season against the Toronto Maple Leafs, as usual

So there you have it folks. January 19th on Hockey Night in Canada.

The 2013 season was quite delayed, but it will start in the same way the Canadiens' season usually starts, with a game against the Maple Leafs, as reported by RDS and TVA.

Whether or not the Habs will be facing James Reimer or Roberto Luongo will be the talk of Eastern Canada until then I'm sure.

So brace yourselves for the same Habs-hating CBC broadcast as usual with Cherry, MIlbury and Stock leading the way on the Canadian channel that roots for the Boston Bruins in games where the Bruins aren't even playing.

Hopefully we'll have P.K. Subban in the lineup and his contract issues will be resolved.

Just one question though, the NHL said the season would be starting with each team facing a rival, so why are we against Toronto?

The game will be in Montreal at the Bell Centre. Are you ready?

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