Montreal and Dallas battling for Alex Radulov

The Russian winger is in high demand

With free agency in full swing and the deals flying left and right, yet the Habs’ top priority is still to re-sign Alexander Radulov. They, however, are not the only ones competing for the winger’s skill set right now.

Dallas would be an extremely interesting landing spot for Radulov, given that their up-tempo offensive style meshes quite well with his own. Slotting him alongside a Jason Spezza, or Jamie Benn is likely to a great fit. In Montreal it’s highly likely he’d take his spot right alongside Max Pacioretty on the Canadiens top line.

Previous rumors and leaks have placed Radulov’s demands at six years and seven million dollars per season. It’s a high cost to pay, but given the importance of Radulov to the team last season, Bergevin might have no choice but to acquiesce to Radulov’s demands. Stay tuned as this situation develops.

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