Canadiens vs. Predators Top Six Minutes: The Habs control the game, but fall short in the shootout

Predators edge Canadiens in a 3-2 shootout victory in P.K. Subban's return to the Bell Centre.

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

Pre-game thoughts:

  • P.K. Subban is back in town? Really? I had no idea.
  • Really excited for the Yannick Weber and Alexei Emelin tributes partway through the game.
  • Well done, Sportsnet, on your intro for Hockey Night in Canada.
  • This camera is spending an awful long time on P.K. Subban as the U.S. anthem is being sung. A long, long, long time./

First period

  • Puck drop. Let's do this. Dave Randorf and Garry Galley on the call.
  • P.K. touches the puck and gets...cheered? Booed? A mix of both.
  • 12 of the Nashville Predators defensemen are ex-Canadiens, Subban, Yannick Weber, and Alexei Emelin (Weber and Emelin started the game as partners).
  • Subban briefly marks Pacioretty. Bet the photographers at this game love that one.
  • Rinne makes a great save on the power play on Galchenyuk.
  • Subban and Plekanec, who've sparred at practice before, exchange pleasantries briefly after the whistle.
  • Alzner takes a penalty, but the penalty kill(which is ranked top-5 at home!) stifles the Predators power play by not allowing a shot. Very impressive.
  • Wow. Alexei Emelin gets called for tripping after he sends Nikita Scherbak flying. Scherbak clutches his right knee.
  • So, more fisticuffs after the power play. Subban and Gallagher are a part of the melee. Intense.
  • No thoughts on Coaches' Corner, was too busy listening to the Black Panther soundtrack./

Second period

  • Pekka Rinne is at it again with the huge saves! But imagine if Rinne allowed a goal after that rebound off the Logan Shaw...pass?
  • Is Brendan Gallagher hurt? Randorf says he wasn't on the bench.
  • Max Pacioretty makes a move on Subban, ultimately doesn't get a shot on net.
  • Habs' fourth line vs. the Preds top line? Okay.
  • Hey, Gallagher's back.
  • Paul Byron, the SPEED from this man.
  • The Canadiens have played like the better team on this night. Brendan Gallagher deserves his goal.
  • And I LOVE that he chirped at PK Subban as he skated past the Preds bench. More of this, please.
  • 20-goal season for Brendan Gallagher, who plays like he cares nearly every night.
  • Is that a chef hat on the Predators logo?
  • Scott Hartnell ties the game at one goal apiece.
  • Habs crash the net, invading Pekka Rinne's personal bubble. If you go to the net...
  • Phil Danault might return to play next week.../

Third period

  • Scherbak was so close to scoring on Rinne. In other news, man am I glad to see him get ice-time! Over 12 minutes and four shots to this point in the game. He's growing more and more confident as the game goes on.
  • Carey Price, sprawled out over the crease after making a great save on Ryan Johansen, can't stop the Kevin Fiala goal. 2-1 Preds.
  • Think we can all agree that the Predators don't deserve this lead.
  • P.K. Subban holds on to the puck for a long time behind his net. Clock killer?
  • JONATHAN DROUIN. GAME-TYING GOAL. What a shot. What a time and what a place./


  • This game has been so much fun. End-to-end action continues for a few more minutes.
  • P.K. coughs the puck up, and the Habs almost make him pay.
  • Gallagher and Subban do battle. Gallagher blows by him and gets a chance on net.
  • Galchenyuk and Gallagher are the most dangerous forwards on the ice in this overtime period.
  • Paul Byron almost buried the overtime winner. Rinne's rebound control today? Off.
  • Pekka Rinne has been on ONE in this overtime period.
  • Nikita Scherbak ran into Arturri Lehkonen after trying to hold the puck for himself in the Preds zone. And he looked really smooth doing it too.
  • 3-on-3 overtime > the shootout. But you already knew that./


  • Ready for this?
  • Paul Byron, wide of the net.
  • Ryan Ellis(?), slows down, picks his spot. Up high on Carey Price
  • Jonathan Drouin, backhanded finish finds Pekka Rinne's glove
  • Filip Forsberg, shot easily stopped by Carey Price
  • Captain Max Pacioretty, stopped by Rinne but it nearly trickles past him into the net. That's game. And that was a fun one. /

Highlight of the night

EOTP 3 Stars

3. Huge game-tying goal from Drouin

2. Some encouraging skill from Scherbak

1. And a sentiment rarely felt this season.

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