Canadiens vs. Bruins Top Six Minutes: Niemi stalls the tank

Brendan Gallagher scored a goal and then Antti Niemi did the rest.


  • Supper is prepped for the oven. If the Habs lose this rivalry game I can drown my sorrows in  some good old mac and cheese.
  • I am expecting NOTHING this game because of the lack of Max Pacioretty and Victor Mete. Prove me wrong, Habs.
  • And Rene Rancourt somehow sounds worse than usual. Help me now/

First Period:

  • This game has less flow than Jeff Petry after he shaved his head.
  • The Bruins top line had a 2 on 0 and somehow did not score because they hit the post. Niemi’s mind is powerful.
  • Brendan Gallagher stole the puck and scored a beautiful goal by intercepting the puck on a cross-ice pass from Kevan Miller. Gallagher might score most of his goals in front of the net, but he has good hands and a good shot that comes through for him sometimes.
  • I did not notice Noah Juulsen until his penalty which is a great thing./

Second Period:

  • Antti Niemi struggled a lot this season, but he has been solid for the Habs.
  • If that Jacob de la Rose/Logan Shaw  2 on 1 was two more skilled players...the result would have probably been different.
  • I know very little about Mike Reilly, but he looks to be a solid bottom-pairing addition and would probably be a good depth guy next year. He is decent at moving the puck and jumping in on the play and seems okay defensively.
  • Philip Danault is the new Tomas Plekanec. He has taken over Pleky’s role on the penalty kill, including 5 on 3s.
  • I agree, Claude!/

Third Period:

  • Noah Juulsen could barely skate, but was still able to lay out to clear the puck from the zone on the penalty kill. It’s the little things that keep you in the lineup.
  • Brian Gionta not wearing 21 and in a Bruins jersey looks very, very wrong.
  • Gallagher once again pounces on a loose puck to make something out of nothing; this time drawing a penalty.
  • Whenever a goalie takes a shot off the head they should have to go to the quiet room. None of this shake it off stuff.
  • It only took 6 power plays and Nicolas Deslauriers being on the penalty kill, but the Bruins finally scored a goal./


  • Habs deservedly lose after barely touching the puck, but Niemi was great until the end. /

Highlight of the night

EOTP 3 Stars

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