Canadiens at Maple Leafs - Top Six Minutes - The one that almost got away

The Canadiens dominated the Leafs to nearly the same extent that they did against Ottawa two nights ago, and through 40 minutes it felt similar, then it wasn't.

  • TSN has spent the 20 minutes after the game complaining about how the Leafs lost because Tyler Bozak blew a faceoff.
  • Max Pacioretty "wasn't dominant" tonight according to Bob McKenzie after the second period. Pacioretty finished with 7 shots and 3 misses. 10 Fenwick events in just 16:16. That's nearly 37 per 60. That is ABSURD.
  • Before the game Jeff O'Neil said the Habs didn't have any players as talented as Phil Kessel or James van Riemsdyk. Pacioretty had more shots on net, shot attempts, and Fenwick attempts than both of them combined. Also those things called goals.
  • Also Kessel still hasn't scored on home ice this season.
  • Mikhail Grabovski should bite Pacioretty more often if this is the result.
  • Let's take a moment and admit how good Grabovski is. Guy does Plekanec's job on the Leafs and I think he's pretty good at it. He's also crazy and a jerk so I hate him. Grabbo had 8 shot attempts.
  • P.K. Subban didn't play 20 minutes somehow even with Tomas Kaberle in the lineup. I don't get how or why but Markov was great so you can't really complain.
  • Some fans were blaming Subban for McLaren's goal, but he took McLaren's shot away and then Travis Moen shot it in the net. Subban made a good play there, Moen ruined it.
  • Brendan Gallagher is going to look good in the number 11 for a long time. Will he challenge Koivu for the next "Who Wore it Best" in the 2020 lockout?
  • Michael Ryder played 14:34 and had one shot attempt that ended up being blocked. He didn't look terrible, but it will take him a bit to get used to the new team. Don't judge too harshly, he hadn't even practiced with the team before tonight.
  • Mike Brown's hit deserved the 5 minute major. TSN is nuts to think otherwise. Gorges didn't have the puck and it was from behind. But not suspension worthy.
  • Dion Phaneuf suckered Brandon Prust into dropping his gloves while the Habs were on the PP, then skated away. Prust needs to calm down and not get suckered. He's had a few games where he runs around too much.
  • Colby Armstrong got a point against the Leafs while getting paid to not play for the Leafs. Hahaha

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