Daily Links (AKA The Brandon Prust Daily) - Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Your daily links

Good afternoon fellow habs fans! All aboard the Trans-North-American BP daily! Hope the morning has been good for all. Small change to the formatting the links for the articles will be between the brackets.

Great day for all as the Montreal Canadiens beat the Toronto Maple Leafs. In Toronto a poll is going on with the question being should Dion Phaneuf have fought Brandon Prust. [Toronto Star]

If you're in for more of a tickle here is a nice humorous take on how the Loafs just can't ever win, a little schadenfreude. [All About the Habs]

Brian Gionta's effectiveness as an offensive winger seems to be taking a downturn. He is still our captain never forget that though. [The Hockey Writers]

The kids have some fun playing hockey golf and explain the game to P.K. Subban. The result is pretty obvious. [Canadiens]

Analysis of the Habs prospects around the world. [Hockey's Future]

One of my friends, Angus Tasker, is currently in Serbia with Hockey Without Borders teaching the greatest game on earth. [RDS]

In stranger news, GM all-star Jay Feaster trades for a nuclear weapon and leaves many perplexed. [Deadspin]

For those of you who wish we could acquire our own weapon of mass destruction Corey Perry seems like the perfect fit with the new cap space we've just cleared. Quite the pipe dream but you have to pass the madness around. [The Hockey News]

Justin Bourne talks about the problems of erratic sleep schedules of pro hockey players and their inherent search for tools to cope. [The Score]

More news on realignment and how it would affect the playoffs. UGH. Is anyone else as tired of this as I am. Just get to 32 teams first then we can talk about what those conferences will look like. [Puck Daddy]

Well guys have a great day you know I will. Stay classy Montreal.

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