How long since Phil Kessel has scored on home ice?

So Phil Kessel finally broke his goal drought last night, but it was against Ondrej Pavelec. Should that <strong>really</strong> count?

Earlier in the week I figured that some turnabout was fair play after Pension Plan Puppets created the infamous Carey Price clock, so after seeing that Phil Kessel had gone a really long time without scoring a goal, I created the Phil Kessel clock, counting up the time in between his goals. That clock officially ended at 313 days, 2 hours and 30 minutes.

However unlike Carey Price, who seemed to troll PPP's trolling efforts back by winning immediately, Phil Kessel took a whopping 3 games to wreck the joke.

Like PPP though, there's an easy way to stretch this further, and I'm going to do just that. As it happens, Phil Kessel scored on the road, which means the faithful suits and ties that quietly populate the famously boring Air Canada Center are still without the pleasure of seeing the most appropriately boring 30 goal scorer light the lamp.

So in the spirit of trolling Leafs fans for at least a few extra days, I present the new and improved Phil Kessel clock:

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