Canadiens at Islanders - Top Six Minutes - Seriously? Again??

That was ugly. Like seriously ugly. I take back all the nice things I said about the Islanders and now I hate them.

  • That really sucked.
  • A lot
  • But hey everyone, remember these things called losses? They actually happen to hockey teams, even good ones.
  • This is the Canadiens' first regulation loss in 11 games, and their first regulation loss of the season against an opponent that isn't from the Northeast Division.
  • Those pesky Islanders have Carey Price's number. His numbers against them were horrible coming in, they're a heck of a lot worse not.
  • The 4th goal and game winner was a softie that Price absolutely should have had, the other goals I don't see how you can blame him. But that 4th goal killed the team tonight in my opinion.
  • P.K. Subban was credited with 12 shot attempts on the game, but he had 10 after the second period and I counted 4 in the third, so let's go with 14. He was all over the ice and completely dominant.
  • If you look at the -2 rating beside Subban's name tonight and think he was bad, please never visit this site again and stub your toe on the door on the way out, you know nothing about hockey.
  • Francis Bouillon and Tomas Kaberle on the ice with the Desharnais line on the road is a bad idea. I'm not sure why Therrien stuck with it all game even though he put other lines in a blender.
  • Michael Ryder has 4 assists in his last 2 games, 3 on the powerplay. He's rounding into form, he'll start scoring soon.
  • Back to Subban, he's been involved on 10 of the last 11 powerplay goals for the Habs. Remember when people were saying he sucks on the PP?
  • Brian Gionta scored the 20,000th goal in the NHL history of the Montreal Canadiens. The captain has 4 goals in his last 4 games.
  • Tim Peel is awful. The call on Lars Eller was beyond awful. The too many men on the ice call on the Islanders was even worse. But in the end he didn't cost the Habs the game, the Habs did that.
  • 8-1-3 in the last 12 games, and everyone is freaking out. Calm down and have a drink, enjoy the season. Remember how this season almost didn't happen?
  • Oh yeah, and Boston blew a 3 goal lead against Washington and we're still first in the East.

EOTP Three Stars:

  1. JonPublic on Plekanec's goal: "Wow. I haven't seen someone that alone on the doorstep since the Jehovahs were in the neighborhood."
  2. JonPublic again on Galchenyuk on the Isles' bench: "The Islanders will do anything to get Galchenyuk on their bench."
  3. drakemt on Rick Dipietro: Tumblr_mgn1urpabi1raloeqo1_1280_medium

Check out Lighthouse Hockey, which is a seriously great blog and they like us too. If you're going to lose to someone, might as well be someone you like, right?

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