The Warmup - Carey Price is struggling

Over his last two starts, Price has a .797 save percentage. He hasn't had a pair of starts that bad since the West coast trip in the 2008-09 season, what's going on?

WIth Price's very poor last couple starts, his overall save percentage is down to just .908 on the year. That's not only way below Price's career average, it's below league average (which was .909 when I last calculated it).

The main reason for that has been Price's save percentage while the Habs are on the powerplay, which is .806, remarkably terrible. Where does Price's PK save percentage rank against the league? Only Winnipeg has been worse, with the median being the .869 the Maple Leafs have received.

Price's save percentage at even strength is still a very solid .927, however 9 of the 12 goals he's allowed in his last two starts have been at even strength, so that number was a whole heck of a lot better before Saturday.

One interesting note on Price's performance against Pittsburgh was that he allowed 6 even strength goals against on 24 even strength chances by the Penguins. Peter Budaj allowed 3 even strength goals against on 11 Bruins even strength chances.

So even in this poor performance, which was objectively poor, it's possible that Price wasn't as bad as we thought. Is he just getting unlucky? Or would you go with Budaj tomorrow?

As a side note, Jaroslav Halak has a mighty .884 save percentage on the year, so let's nip that trolling in the bud.

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