Canadiens at Flames - Top Six Minutes - Too little, too late; Calgary wins 3-2

Montreal fell to the Flames 3-2, as once again only one line manages to generate offense.

Montreal dominated the first, yet trailed 2-0 after 20 minutes of play. Carey Price made several nice saves. Both goals in the first period were caused by incredibly sloppy defensive play.

Michel Therrien continues to arguably mismanage the ice time allotted to the players. This is a recording. He did however give the kid line a good chunk of powerplay TOI, which is a nice change.

  • Habsicetime_medium
  • As you can see, TOI was spread out fairly evenly among the forwards. However Lars Eller remained the in the bottom tier for ice time among centers. It's not as if he deserves a ton of it or anything.

  • There is no explaining why Francis Bouillon should play 20+ minutes. None.
  • None, it's insane.

    Bryzgalov levels of insanity, to be honest.

  • David Desharnais is still channeling his inner Kevin Bacon, and remains invisible. @MoenInGlory summed it up perfectly.
  • Daniel Brière is doing a good job emulating David Desharnais. His streak of uninspired play remains intact. His line did manage to put some rubber on net, but didn't generate very many high scoring chances.

  • P.K. Subban scored one of his patented bombs on the power play. He added an assist on Lars Eller's goal in the third. He, predictably had a fantastic game. Would it be that bad to play him 40 minutes a night? Would it, Michel? Â He did however take a questionable penalty with less than 2 minutes to play. Bad Pernell Karl! Markov shouldn't be playing 25+ minutes, and Subban could easily swallow the minutes caused by Therrien's over taxing of the General.
  • Joey MacDonald stopped everything else he actually had a chance of seeing. P.K Subban didn't sugar coat the situation either when interviewed after the 2nd situation, and admitted Montreal had a bad practice yesterday and was ill prepared for the game tonight.
  • Rene Bourque was demoted to the 4th line in the third period, because somehow he has been worse than the twin terrors, David Desharnais & Daniel Briere, at least according to Therrien.
  • Lars Eller extended his point streak, and scored his 4th goal of the year. I, for one, welcome our new Danish overlord. Maybe we should call it the Scooby Doo line? Because I see two kids and a Great Dane on the ice. Once again they were the best line for the Habs, and generated the vast majority of the offense.

    A decent sized Habs fans contingent was heard in Calgary, kudos to the Albertan Habs fans.

    Markov notched his 400th point as a member of the Canadiens. Kudos you crazy Soviet, you!

  • No rest for the wicked, Montreal will face the Edmonton Oilers tomorrow at 9:30 PM
  • Top 3 Stars

    1. i3irdy for this amazing picture:


    2. michemai for this funny quip:

    "Now I know how leaf fans feel about Tyler F******g Bozak. I just walk around cursing now ‘David fucking Desharnais’ "

    3. Pinkoir for the 'sad but true' moment of the night:

    'Oh well, not like Subban was going to play on the PK anyways..."

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