Ears on the Prize - Episode 5

Listen live as Ears on the Prize radio returns with hosts Andrew Berkshire and Mike Obrand.

Are you ready? It's that time again, Habs fans. It's time for Ears on the Prize!

As always we begin at 7PM EST here is the link to listen live, and you can call us live at 1-347-826-7848, or Skype us from the link provided. Don't forget that you can also comment here and ask questions or make comments, and you can talk to us on twitter by messaging @AndrewBerkshire, @HabsLaughs, or @HabsEOTP, but please remember to use the hashtag #EOTPRadio so we know you're talking about the radio show.

What's on the docket tonight?

We're going to catch Mike up on the two first two games of the season, since he was in Texas, then we're going to preview tonight's match against Calgary.

If you miss the show, check us out on iTunes!

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