Canadiens at Canucks - Top Six Minutes - The Price is Right

Carey Price might evade criticism for the weekend, as he shut the door on the unlucky Canucks.

  • Lars Eller can't be denied. Tonight he managed to score a goal when he was roughly 100 feet away from the puck, while jumping on the bench. Rumour has it he impregnated his girlfriend while he was playing in Montreal and she was visiting family in Denmark.
  • Watch the video of said goal here: Canucks Own Goal
  • Gorges scored, so he should probably play the lottery tomorrow.

  • Chris Higgins still can't score from 3 feet out. The more things change...
  • Pacioretty scored, which comes to no surprise to Habs fans. He tends to get hot after a garbage goal.

  • Vancouver was by far the better team in the first period. Tinordi made a few defensive errors, and Carey Price had to make several desperation saves. He kept Montreal in the game while Vancouver dominated the first half, and was easily the first star of the night.
  • 10 pm is way too late to start a game. 10 pm is also way too late to start drinking coffee.

    The Sedin twins used their telekinetic powers to score on Price, but I checked the rules and goals scored due to supernatural powers don't count against a goalie's save percentage.

  • Max Pacioretty failed to score on a penalty shot, but I assume he just wanted to let Eller's beautiful goal be the game winner.
  • Montreal's powerplay came to life. I assume it's because Therrien read Arik's analysis.

  • Seriously, watch the Eller goal again and join me in a deep rooted guffaw: LOL Canucks
  • David Desharnais and to a lesser extent Daniel Brière were relatively invisible tonight, however a closer look at Desharnais' numbers reveals that he did have a decent game.
  • I really wish they televised the post game press conference. However I assume Tortorella responded in a calm and reasonable fashion.

  • By his standards, P.K. Subban didn't have his best night, which is rare to see. Hell, I would be surprised if you believe me. However this probably means that he'll go on a 15 point scoring streak very soon.
  • I don't want to end the Top 6 minutes on a sour note, so how about we watch that own goal one last time?

    Scoring Summary:

    05:43 MTL PPG - M. Pacioretty (2) Wrist shot - ASST: F. Bouillon (1), R. Diaz (2) 1 - 0 MTL
    13:12 VAN H. Sedin (1) Wrist shot - ASST: D. Sedin (5), J. Garrison (4) 1 - 1 Tie
    16:12 MTL SHG - L. Eller (5) Wrist shot - ASST: The Canucks defensemen 2 - 1 MTL
    06:46 MTL PPG - T. Plekanec (1) Slapshot - ASST: A. Markov (2), P. Subban (6) 3 - 1 MTL
    12:25 MTL J. Gorges (1) Wrist shot - ASST: R. Diaz (3), T. Moen (2) 4 - 1 MTL

    Top 3 EOTP Stars:

    1. JD provided us with the best comment of the night, with his theory on what really happened with the Canucks own goal:

    I’m not quite sure that goal was luck.

    The Nucks played it enough to suggest it was an own-goal set play.

    That Tortsy…always thinking outside the box.

    2 . newmann for this pun-a-refic post!

    Stephane Weight appears to have really been reinforcing his foundation

    3. Scott Mattla for suggesting a caption contest, which we can have fun with as we re-watch the own goal video over and over again:

    Follow me on Twitter for nonsense and shenanigans @scottmatla

    Give us your best caption for that photo, and you can receive amazing prizes such as internet credit, and virtual high fives (*no monetary value)

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