And The Winner Is...

In March EOTP held a contest where the person to come up with the best "narrative" surrounding Subban returning to form offensively. The winner would get a P.K. Subban Montreal Canadiens 'shirsey' (t-shirt).

The winner of that shirt is Adam Mills, EOTP commenter subdoxastic with this entry:

I think this counts as one entry,

Obviously, the idea of ‘respect’ (noted by others above) is going to play into any psychodrama explanation for PK’s resurgence next season.

My addition or refinement to the respect narrative is to add a dash of the ‘experience’ meme (also referenced above), but in particular in relation to the losing season.

I’m betting that we’ll be regaled with stories about how playing through tough times both personally (1)depressed offensive stats, 2) benchings, 3) altercations in practice) in conjunction with tough times experienced by the team as a whole (with the specific examples of 1)worst showing in years, 2)seeing a coach get fired, 3)seeing other players dealt, and finally and most importantly 4) disappointing the fans) means that P.K. was forced to reevaluate his approach to the way he played the game and his commitment to working as a member of a team.

It’s nearly perfect, it allows for a tacit acceptance of the blatantly dishonest ‘respect’ dogwhistle that’s been floating around for the past two seasons, by showing how P.K. learned his place and is now a better player (and the Habs a better team) for it.

I think I just puked a little in my mouth.

Congrats to Adam and as soon as I get his size, I'll be sending that off for him.

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