Win A P.K. Subban Habs T-Shirt!

Readers of EOTP know that we've been saying Montreal Canadiens defenseman P.K, Subban hasn't been having a "sophomore slump" since day one, but suffering from poor shooting luck while taking on the toughest job of any young defender in the game and excelling.

Recently Subban's luck has begun to turn, with 4 goals in his last 8 games. Many are already searching for ways to explain why he's begun to put the puck in the net, but we see that it's simple regression to the mean.

Likewise, it's very likely that Subban has a stellar year next year offensively. What we're asking here, is for you guys to submit what you think will be the prevailing narrative surrounding Subban's resurgent goal scoring. EOTP members aren't included in the contest but will be judging the winner based on how often we hear a similar explanation in the media.

A winner will be chosen after the conclusion of the 2012 NHL playoffs and we'll send you an email asking for your size and address to send you a P.K. Subban Habs T-shirt.

Put your entry in the comments section! One entry per person.

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