A Canadiens Habby Christmas Wish List


Each year at this site I do some kind of Christmas post in which I sent out my good wishes to all those involved in the Canadiens blogging community. This season's wish list begins with the players.

To the readers of this site: have a safe (4D - Don't Drive Drunk Damnit) and happy holidays. Hug your kids a whole lot, and your old folks even more. Help wifey with the turkey too!

The Christmas postcards adorning this piece go back many years and are featured at Erle Schneidman's Canadiens Memorabilia.com, along with thousands of other team issued photos and artifacts. To see this season's Canadiens greetings, click here.


Ryan O'Byrne - may he get anything that changes his people's perceptions of him, be it saving a drowning dog on a frozen lake, rescuing a family from a burning apartment, or saving an elderly woman from getting crunched by a bus. O'Byrne needs to be involved in something that forces fans to forget the comedic purse snatch episode and the hockey incest he committed by scoring on his own goal.

Tom Kostopoulos - a stick that aims for him, one that matches his intensity level.

Mike Komisarek - a warmup bout with Sean Avery for his next chance encounter with Milan Lucic.

Saku Koivu - nothing but good health, as always, for our priceless captain, a three year contract extension, and that Cup he so valiantly deserves.

Tomas Plekanec - the removal of the voodoo spell he inadvertantly cast upon himself in last year's playoff by suggesting he was playing like a little girl.

George Laraque - a Gordie Howe hat trick, known correctly in these parts as a Rocket Richard hat trick.

Robert Lang - a call from Bob Gainey to discuss a contract extension.


Chris Higgins - quick recouperative powers, a compass, and an end to all the silly rumours trading him to everywhere between here and Timbukthree.

Steve Begin - for the Habs wrecking ball - continued success towards a 15 goal season and the reward of a new contract.

Mathieu Dandenault - a quick recovery and a spot in the lineup upon his return.

Josh Gorges - the continued and longstanding admiration and respect of fans for doing a dirty job so cleanly and effectively. That and the Jacques Beauchamp trophy.


Alex Kovalev - some love from Father Time, a lengthy point scoring streak, added highlight reel goals, and a break from naysayers.

Carey Price - continued progression towards being one of the better puck stoppers in the game, and perhaps losing the tendency of getting his photo taken in compromising situations.


Matt D'Agostini - a nifty downtown Montreal apartment, a Habs rookie record for goals, and some Calder hardware if it's not too late!

Max Lapierre - regular linemates who continue to produce, and 29 opposing fourth line centremen who h ate his face.

Jaroslav Halak - more frequency between his starts, and his name on the Jennings Trophy with good buddy Price.

Roman Hamrlik - less ref wrath, more offensive opportunities to show his stuff.

Andrei Kostitsyn - a return to his confident ways of 2007-08 and a bucketful of goals to bring it on.

Francis Bouillon - to keep on making doubters eat their words that small men have no place in the game, and a nifty little pub named "Cube's" on Crescent St. so that he remains in the Habs lore for years.

Patrice Brisebois - to be exactly the way he is right now - solid - for the rest of the season. A hard earned silver stick from the NHL for his 1000th game, and a surprisingly warm cheer from the fans on that occasion.

Sergei Kostitsyn - continued progression as a well rounded prospect into one of the Habs premier players.


Andrei Markov - year end All Star team recognition and Norris Trophy consideration.

Guillaume Latendresse - easing off from malicious fans who don't get the package he could potentially bring, and another 700 games in a Canadiens uniform that resemble that last three.

Guy Carbonneau - an epidemic of laryngitis for local media commentators and carpal tunnel syndrome for his print detractors.

Bob Gainey - a season worthy of the man he is, and a family that continues to grow one grandchild at a time.


Some other NHL noteworthies:

Sidney Crosby - some cheese to go with the whine, and an instructional video on how to punch Russians (Boris Valabek, in this instance) in the groin and actually hurt them! (Check this clip at FHF, you really won't believe your eyes!)

Sean Avery - an endless string of dates with Ron Duguay's sloppy seconds.

Gary Bettman - a compass and a clue!

Mike Van Ryn - a quick and healthy recovery.

Butch Bouchard - may your number get off O'Byrne backside and up where it belongs.

Pat Burns (who I love listening to on CKAC mornings) - a job back behind an NHL bench.

Doug Gilmour - a Hall call.

Mats Sundin - may whatever he wants for Christmas, arrive sometime in f***ing September.


And finally, some Eyes On The Prize Christmas wishes for some friends and compadres in the Habs bloggosphere:

T.C. Denault - all the success in your new endeavor, may all the credit and good words come to you in spades!

Ian Cobb - lotsa thrills watching P.K. at the WJC, and continued good health and great spirits so that you can partake in the next dozen Summits and half as many Cup parades.

Joe Pelletier at Hockey's Greatest Legends - more recognition for one of the best places on the net to learn about hockey history and the folks who made this game great, and some Canuck playoff luck for a change!

Topham (Lions In Winter) - a futuristic calculating and measuring device that allows you to crack the mysteries of the Habs PP and pinpoint the exact date of the next Cup win. Oh yeah, that AND all the hits his great site deserves!

Dennis Kane - a job as curator at the Montreal Hockey Hall Of Fame museum. The credentials are there, and Frank Selke and Sam Pollock aren't around to say "no". Anyone who can dig this stuff up, should pass a job interview with flying colours!


Steve Kerley - a change of moniker at HIO, and your own blog, man - you gotta do it!

Dave, Panger, Habs Fans 4 and 29 at FHF - because you all aren't busy enough, may you be gifted with the case of the century, this coming January 9, when after being trounced at the Bell, the Leafs entire team head off to Chez Paree to drown their sorrows and get caught up in a messy, drunking brawl. Dave gets the Brian Burke / purse snatching case!

Boone and Stubbs - hundreds more great Canadiens stories to write and ponder, with loads of quality time between them to relax and enjoy some cold ones.

To fellow SBN hockey bloggers and the team behind the scenes....Ryan Gantz, Tyler Bleszinski, Jon Ponsford, Trei Brundrett, and James Mirtle - all the best to you and your families. Have a safe holiday!

James - may you finally find that Leafs jersey you always wanted but were too afraid to purchase under your tree!

Artists for the cards pictured above and below are: Alexandra Studio (1946), Bouchard (1964 to 1968), Provost (1983), Michel Lapensee (1984 to 1995, 1997, 2002), Littorio Del Signore (1996), Gilles Archambault (1988).


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