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When an apology is needed.

I’d like to follow up with the comments I made, earlier this evening, in tonight’s game recap. First and foremost, my comments do not reflect those of Andrew, Bruce, Chris, Stephan, or any other contributors to this site, as well as the rest of the SBN community.

During the recap, I made several remarks, that were rather derogatory and offensive to several readers. For that, I owe an apology.

Prison rape is obviously no joke, and I hope that people realize that my comments were not intended to offend. They were merely an attempt at humor, really poor humor.

We have since removed the comments and will assure that I will not make this mistake again.

Sometimes the frustrations/gut reactions can come out, and my “verbal writing filter” may not kick in from time to time, especially later in the evening. This was one of those cases when it happened, and I should know better and think before hitting “Publish”.

We’ve recently gone after other writers for their accountability in their actions, and therefore cannot do that correctly, without acknowledging our own my faults.

Though we are not professional journalists at EOTP, we try to make every effort to make a precise and accurate presentation to our audience. My last post clearly did not reflect that so I also need to apologize to my co-writers on this site and readers.

That said, I will press on to mature a bit more, and give you more enjoyable and knowledgeable material to read.

Again my sincere apologies.


Kevin van Steendelaar

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