Welcome our new Habs history and game previews writers

A little while ago EOTP put out a call to arms for new contributors for several jobs. Today we fill two more of those jobs after finding Colin for the daily links.

The history of the Montreal Canadiens has always been a major component of Eyes on the Prize. It was the main component while Robert L helmed the blog in it's infancy, and Kevin van Steendelaar took over that area when he was named managing editor.

Since Kevin's departure there has been a void there, and history is not something that I'm knowledgeable enough about to write passionately about.

Several people wrote in and wrote sample posts for us, but in the end we chose Matt Drake. You may know Matt from the comments sections at EOTP under the name 'drakemt', but he'll be Matt Drake from now on.

Matt will be contributing about a post per week.

The other position that has been filled is that of game previews. Game previews are an important part of the site, and because I've been stretched thin, it's a part of the site that's been lacking. In order to make them better, we have added Ian Murray.

You may also know Ian from the comments section under the name 'india6', but like everyone else, he's created a new account to be a contributor.

Please help me welcome them both to the site as our newest contributors, and support them as they find their feet in the world of hockey blogging.

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