Wednesday Morning Warmup - What do you want to read?

Today is a topic that's more for me than it is for you, but really I'd like your feedback here.

The season is about to start in just over a week, and EOTP has gone through a lot of changes since the last season ended. We have a new site design, a new manager, and five new contributors (so far).

We've expanded to cover the Bulldogs, we covered the world juniors, and we're trying to make the site more fun and keep the in depth analysis at the same time.

However we always want to hear feedback from the readers. In the last couple of days, this site has been soaring higher than ever before in regards to traffic, so there are lots of new eyes here. We'd like to get you folks engaged.

In order to do that, I'm going to talk a bit about what we already have planned, then I want to know your thoughts, and hopefully you can tell us some things you would like to see covered that maybe we've missed.

When the season starts, there will be a bit of a formula for how things work. It's really only a big deal on game days, but things are changing.

  • At 6am we'll have "The Warmup" and get the conversations going.
  • At 8am we'll have a game preview, shortly followed by a story stream for all the game day posts. The game preview will have everything our game threads normally do aside from lineups. The story stream will allow us to streamline our front page instead of having it cluttered with game related posts, leaving more room for long form articles. Within the story stream will be:
  • The game thread will be live 1-2 hours before the game, and depending on the number of comments we may have a new one each period to ensure quicker load times. The game thread will have prospective lineups for the game and starting goaltenders.
  • Following the game, Laura/The Active Stick will do a point form recap called "The Top Six Minutes". This recap will be both informative and hopefully humourous, unless Laura can't do it one day and I have to, then it won't be funny.
  • When Olivier is done writing up his recap and scoring chances, he's going to mirror his En Attendant Les Nordiques post here en Français. This could be soon after the game or the next morning, depending on Olivier's schedule.
  • The next morning, after The Warmup, I'll post a longer, more detailed recap in English, the same as we did last season.

Aside from The Warmup, all those posts will be within the story stream for easy browsing.

EOTP is also looking to expand into the French language in a more robust fashion. If you're a French writer and interested in joining the site, let us know! You can email me at

We love when you guys post fanposts. Not only does it give us something to read, and sometimes keep us informed, but it also helps us get to know you all. Whenever there's a new fanpost that we really like, we're going to feature it on the front page, right below the cover.

We'll do the same with fanshots if you guys beat us to news, or link to something interesting.

That's what we have planned so far for 2013. So what say you? Is there anything you want more of? Anything we missed?

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