We now return to our regularly scheduled programming

You may have noticed some problems over here over the last few days, but that's finally been rectified.

For the past four days there have been some serious issues on the SB Nation network. For part of it, EOTP wouldn't load at all. For another part, it would load after about 5 minutes of waiting. For another, it would load but comments wouldn't work.

As frustrating as it was for readers, it was even worse for us writers, who had articles we wanted to produce for you but were unable to.

For the last two days, publishing worked, but scheduled publishing did not. And when an article was published, it would not go out to social media automatically. Because of this, our reach was inhibited, so I made the decision to mostly sit on everything until the site was back up to full capacity.

Now that the problem at SB Nation has been fixed and we're back up to normal.

So now comes the unfortunately early summer coverage. Here are the things we have in the can that you can look forward to:

  • Our Top 25 Under 25 returns this summer, in August as per usual to accommodate new draftees.
  • A player by player season review to begin in June.
  • Coverage of the NHL draft and free agency.
  • A new feature I'm going to call Fancy Stat Summer School. This is perhaps what I'm most excited about. With all the new readers EOTP has, having a comprehensive breakdown of each stat we use on this site and how it is used. This feature will also be bilingual.
  • Ongoing coverage of the Ribinsoin family./

What I'd also like to take this opportunity to do, is to ask you what YOU want to see this summer. What you want to read is extremely important for us to know.

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