Two new sets of Eyes on the Prize

Eyes on the Prize welcomes two new contributors to our ranks today, give them a warm welcome!

Yesterday the Canadiens announced a trade, today EOTP announces a couple of free agent signings.

The first is David O'Connor who's work you can find on The Hockey Writers. David will be keeping an eye on prospects for EOTP, as well as looking at draft eligible players. You can follow him at @DavidOConnorTHW.

Our second addition is Philip Thacker, who you may know as habsphil from the comments section. Philip kindly offered to help out by doing a daily links post, bringing you interesting stories from around the internet.

Please give these two a warm welcome to the SB Nation family!

What we need most from you readers though, is suggestions for what to call the links post. Most of the other SB Nation sites have their own topical names for the links posts like From the Branches [Leafs], Chum Bucket [Sharks], and the Fly By [Flyers], but we're fresh out of ideas.

What should we call the links posts, witty commenters?

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