Time to Pf off

I usually wouldn't be bothered with this kind of crap, but since Montreal Canadiens news is rather quiet I figured, "Why the hell not."

For those of you who follow the commentary on this site, and also on HockeyInsideOut.com, you are likely aware of one commenter who goes by the handle PFHabs,

His/her comments typically  borderline on the ridiculous to absurd on both sites.

The individual's remarks led to being banned from our site, but I received a parting email from PFHabs today. I have posted it word for word. For the record, I did not ban the person in question, but the rebuttal email pretty much sealed it.

The email is a perfect example of his weak and inaccurate arguments, to the extent that even the biggest online troll would say, "Oh, please!!"

sorry[sic] you and Chris Boyle felt so threatened by my non-sycophantic comments on Gauthier (LOL) . unfortunately[sic] CB has no legs to stand on; his facts are wrong and his weak substantiation do not measure up to his lofty swooning view of the Ghost's accomplishments which was easily exposed
as for blog I've never read such CH ass kissing in the face of major errors in all my life...goes to [show] the fact EOTP is simply a front for the CH PR department but you don't [want] anyone to really know that do you.
btw; re AB's rant on McGuire; McGuire was an assistant GM in Hatford[sic] but why let facts get in the way of a good biased rant
enjoy your affiliation with the CH as that will change soon enough . in the meantime hope your little 'girls' cabal keeps Donald Beauchamp smiling"

Good-bye, farewell, and don't let the bench door hit you in the ass on the way out. Maybe you can come back when your mommy buys you a keyboard that has a shift key and comma key that works.

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