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The last retired jersey is a sign!


Yesterday at this site I delved into some numerological nonsense regarding the number 13 and old Habs ghosts to humourously explain why the centennial season went to crap.

Well it turns out I’ve been “one-upped,” if you will, by a fellow Canadiens blogger with a different numeral in mind, one that may do some voodoo on Bostonians who know better than anyone that it is possible to come back from 0-3 deficit.

Check out Lions In Winter, while baseball season dawns, and see why the Red Sox are still big Expos fans and how the Habs may just thump the Bruins.

99 years of hockey. A unique feat every 33 years. Believe.

And he never mentioned Patrick Roy.

Up next….which Bruins other than Phil Kessel are playing with illegal sticks!

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