Sunday Links - Show Us Yours Edition

A few reads on hockey and the Habs that you may have missed over the last week.

A short one today because we've spent the weekend entertaining some visiting Bruins fans. Before you ask, yes we were tempted to leave them out in the Montreal cold but no, we didn't.

Speaking of Bruins fans, this is our most important link of the week and we plan to spam you with it on the Twitters until the end of November. Our good Bruins fan friend, Cornelius Hardenbergh of Stanley Cup of Chowder, is selling blog posts for Movember donations. You can make him write whatever you want. You can make a Boston Bruins fan write whatever you want him to write. Check it out. [SCoC]

Always keep in mind that if you've read or written something about the Montreal Canadiens that you think people may have missed, email or tweet us over the course of the week and we'll try and remember to link to it.

On to links:

  • I promise you this is the only CBA-negotiation-mess-related link this week but it's an incredible read that made the rounds of Twitter and if you missed it, read it now. A longtime baseball columnist on Donald Fehr and how the owners are trying to play him the exact way they shouldn't. [Washington Post]
  • Dave Stubbs tweeted a picture of a new message Therrien had put in above the exit to the Canadiens dressing room. Not pictured: the exit to the visitors' room, where Peter Laviolette has scrawled "Montreal Typical." [Twitter]
  • Stubbs also caught up with Tomas Plekanec, who is still in Kladno and is still in desperate need of a turtleneck hookup. Pleks wants you to call him if you know where to get one. []
  • Ellen Etchingham with a very thought-provoking piece on who gets to define hockey culture: [BHS]
  • There's a lockout going on. So who do you think is the most-followed men's hockey team in North America? Seriously this wasn't even one of my top three guesses. [Grand Forks Herald]
  • The NHL Central Scouting preliminary rankings were up earlier this week. Go geek out. [TSN]

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