Sideshow Georges Shoved Aside


By now everyone and their dog has heard that GM Gainey has sent forward Georges Laraque packing, terming him "unproductive and a distraction to the team."

Well, what can be added to that?

For those losing faith in the manager's ability to assess players, I'd say based on this that he's still got it.

Laraque off ice seems like a good guy and all that, but who really gives a crap. He was signed to be a mean S.O.B. on the ice, something he's forgotten to do since day one. I cannot even begin to suggest he's contributed anything of merit to the team, and my sniffer for players with enflammed egos gets a full whiff everytime I hear him open his mouth.

I just caught about ten minutes of his press conference on CKAC and it got to a point where I couldn't take it anymore.

The guy's not overweight, he's just full of himself or another substance.

When asked how his teammates took the news, and whether they were shocked, Georges said they all thought it was an April Fools joke.

Georges, it's January 21st!

Through the Q & A he kept on invoking Haiti when the decision is all about hockey. This morning, when the new broke, he called the Canadiens classless, not realizing perhaps that he'll need to work in the league. At least he thinks there is interest.

Over his year and a half term with the club, he's been a virtual poster boy for every cause that'll have him from animal rights to vegetarianism. He got in crap for having an unapproved blog by the NHL. He filmed a commercial, a laughable ad for power drink that contained alcohol. He talks constantly about "the code" in order to make himself seem like he's not fighting for a reason other than he's not up to it anymore.

Today, he spoke about how much it meant for him to score "his goal" against Dallas last week, without a hint of embarrassment.

It'll be impossible to miss him. His presence was never felt.

Update: Have a look 10 possibilities for Laraque's future courtesy of Kevin at Ya! The Habs Rule!


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