QUIZ: Who was the backup goaltender?

Often in the shadows of superstars, this quiz shines a light on the backup goalies who formed tandems with some of the greatest goalies in Montreal Canadiens history.

When discussing the history of the Montreal Canadiens, it is hard to avoid a conversation about the rich lineage of goaltenders who formed an impenetrable final line of defence for the team, frequently dragging the team on their back to greater heights. George Vezina, Jacques Plante, and Ken Dryden were an important part of 14 of the 24 Stanley Cups won by the Habs.

In recent history there have been few Stanley Cup conquests to speak of, however there have been arguably three goaltenders whose individual performances helped the Montreal Canadiens overachieve during their time guarding the nets: Patrick Roy, Jose Theodore, and Carey Price.

Of course behind every successful goaltender there is invariably a backup who is ready to assume the post at any given moment, serving as not only support on the ice, but a kindred spirit off the ice for the starting netminder. Their name does not remain for long in the vernacular of a fan, and they tend to fade away over time, usually seen as expendable pieces.

In this quiz we try to remember those who served as backup for Roy, Theodore, and Price. Although there were other goalies in those eras who may have played a game or two (e.g. Les Kuntar), we are specifically looking for the backup who spent the majority of the season sitting on the bench, sitting in the shadows, and hoping to one day emerge as a starter himself.

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