PuckDrop Podcast with Habs alum Peter Popovic

We welcomed former Montreal Canadien, and current Assistant Swedish National team coach, Peter Popovic to the podcast.

Peter Popovic loves the city of Montreal and its hockey team the Montreal Canadiens. It is evident in the way he speaks about ‘his’ team, and how much he still cares for the Habs.

With his current position as assistant coach to Rikard Grönborg’s Swedish National team, he has a view on hockey few can compete with. In this episode of the PuckDrop podcast Popovic explains while the European Hockey Tour is important, gives an small insight to the KHL and how you work within the parameters of the teams of that league.

Popovic also tells us how he found out that he had been drafted by Montreal Canadiens, and not Calgary Flames, and a certain Micheal Jackson’s involvement in Popovic finding out his NHL destination.

When it comes to Montreal the love is evident. There is nothing but reverence in the way he describes the old Forum and the memories from his first time when he arrived in Montreal, to a dressing room filled with characters such as Patrick Roy, Guy Carbonneau and Kirk Muller to name but a few. Popovic addresses the teams changes while he was in Montreal, and his departure from a club and a city that he sincerely adored.

As a bonus, he offers some of his thoughts on the Subban - Weber trade, and even a few words on Alexander Radulov’s success in Montreal.


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[A Towering Defender - Peter Popovic at iTunes]

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