A Bitter Bandwagoner Habs Fan’s TSM: Unadulterated Loathing*

*What do you mean that’s just me?

Look. Ok. I loathe Ottawa more than any team in the league, but Clarke McArthur coming back is a great story. Also, Craig Anderson. And obviously I love Condon and Karlsson. That being said...I hope Pittsburgh THRASHES them. Like impossible three game sweep thrashes them.

Also, I really hope Sid and Karlsson don’t get more hurt...

First Period

  • One thing I will say about this series. Karlsson vs Crosby is going to be amazing.
  • ISTG, Pens, you had better win this one.
  • Hahah oh dear, Ottawa...
  • ANOTHER POST. *screaming*
  • I hate literally everything. Pageau and Stone. Everything is awful. Gross. /
  • Pens...if you do not score on this power play, I will come down there and fight you. Don’t make me do it.
  • I’m just going to spend this series screaming in exasperation and dislike, aren’t I.
  • Someday Pittsburgh is going to actually DO something on the power play...right?
  • RIGHT???
  • Oh god, Pageau./

Second Period

  • All of  your power plays belong to Pittsburgh.
  • One day the Pens power play will score. One day.
  • But apparently not today.
  • Hahahah the scoring chances are 11-3 for Pittsburg, but Ottawa leads 1-0.  *Cue hysterical laughing*
  • *internal screaming which is rapidly threatening to become external screaming*
  • I hate Ottawa so much...and I hate that they’re making me complement them, but they’re doing a really good job at clogging up everything, and keeping the Pens to the outside. And also keeping this game really boring.
  • I hate everything./

Third Period

  • Dear Pittsburgh, please put me out of my misery.
  • This is the most boring conference final game in the history of ever.
  • Ok that might be a slight exaggeration.
  • Literally nothing interesting has happened in this period so far.
  • C’mon Sid, Geno, Kessel...SOMEONE.
  • Take that Kyper. Geno’s doing just fine.
  • ARG. POST. *sob*
  • This game would go to OT./


  • Get it out get it out get it out get it out.
  • eW. Gross. Bobby Ryan in OT./
  • Sens win 2-1./

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