Canadiens vs. Leafs Top Six Minutes: 14 Straight

Habs stay on top of the Atlantic after a good Saturday night battle.

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • ICYMI: There’s a new bench boss and Carey Price is beginning to look hot again (I mean...he always looked hot...)
  • The rest of the team, however, still needs to find the confidence factor. While we’re on that, find the confidence fellas. You guys can be awesome. We’ve all seen it!
  • They’re still atop their division, but teams are quickly closing in. A measly four points separate the Leafs from the Habs. What planet am I on right now?
  • If this isn’t enough to set a fire under them tonight, we’re screwed.
  • Saturday night. Canadiens vs. Leafs. Let’s do this!   /

First Period

  • Looks like Shaw is practicing his cross-check in the hallway. The sin bin is just calling your name, hey Andrew?
  • Mitch Marner and Tyler Bozak are out for the Leafs. David Desharnais is in for the Habs. Look out Leafs.
  • Price is between the pipes and we’ve got a Lehkonen-Galchenyuk-Gallagher line. I shall love you and call you the cutie-pie line.
  • The cutie-pie line is quickly broken up as Lehkonen heads to the penalty box for interference.
  • I haven’t seen the Habs with this much drive since...ummmm.
  • Petry and Beaulieu with two great chances on the power-play but Anderson says try again fellas.
  • An ugly bouncing puck hits Nesterov’s leg and makes its way through Price’s. Thanks to some kid named Auston Matthews, the Leafs are on the board.
  • The crowd is chanting “Ca-rey”. Don’t let those Leafs fans get in your head, Carey. They’ll stoop to any low. * starts chanting Ander-son *
  • Gally is starting to find his legs, zooming around the ice. Very Gallagher-like.
  • A tip-in by Pacioretty almost made it a tie-game. So close. Like, an off the post goal-line save kind of close. /

Second period

  • Let’s hope the guys had a pow-wow during intermission and agree that they cannot lose to the Leafs tonight.
  • Petry is determined to light the lamp tonight.
  • A two-on-one, an attempted wrap-around by Petry and still nothing as the Habs head to another power-play.
  • Pacioretty gives the puck away, steals it back, sets up, gets open and snipes one past Anderson to tie it up with his 29th of the season!
  • A turnover by Beaulieu behind the net causes the Habs to get caught in their zone. Don’t worry, Price is on it.
  • Not this time Matthews. Not this time.
  • I feel giddiness bubbling up inside me as I watch Price be Price. Not gonna lie...feels pretty awesome.
  • Chucky gets the puck up and over a sprawling Anderson to take the lead!
  • Looks like that pow-wow worked./

Third period

  • The Habs were out-shot 12-5 during last period, but the energy was there and they were the ones to find the back of the net.
  • Price got your back fellas, let’s kick it up a notch and take this baby home!
  • Or not.
  • Just 1:19 in, Matthew’s gets another one past Price to make it 2-2. Seriously dude, go take a nap or something.
  • Looking pretty good on the power-play. Markov with a slapshot but his stick snaps in half. Pacioretty with another close call but no go.
  • They’re piling the pressure on. Throwing everything at Anderson but puck luck is not on their side.
  • Last minute of play and everyone is scrambling to finish this game. Problem is, everyone’s on their game. /


  • Heading into overtime just remember:/
  1. Price is back.
  2. Chucky scored.
  3. Gallagher is showing signs of Gallyness.
  • Now, let’s finish this!
  • Matthews with a breakaway but Price stares him down. In your face Matthews!
  • Shaw with the winner! Turns out he wasn’t practicing his cross-check after all...he was warming up for the game-winning goal!/

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