Canadiens vs. Blue Jackets Top Six Minutes: Bye, bye losing streak

It may not have been pretty but the losing streak is snapped, and that’s all that matters

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  • Lord Byron. ‘Tis good to have you back my speedy, 19-point friend. /

First period

  • After fanning on his first shot, Domi quickly makes up for it and opens the scoring just over one minute in!
  • So, you’re hanging with Gallagher and Tatar tonight, hey Thompson? We can’t make it any easier for you, Nate.
  • Apparently, the Blue Jackets are an angry team after taking on Tampa last night. Yeah, they have that affect on people.
  • Price is looking pretty sharp tonight. I’m feeling good about this.
  • Shaw takes on Harrington in front of Bobrovsky. You just don’t want to be in the lineup do you, Shaw?
  • 2-0! Like I’s good to have you back, Byron! /

Second period

  • Anderson goes mid-net to get Columbus on the board 1:05 in. Even Price is shaking his head at that one.
  • Well, he’s not letting another one through. He may not know exactly where the puck is as he jams his knees shut, but it’s not in the net and that’s all that matters.
  • Drouin expresses his disdain over his turnover on a rush by dropping a f-bomb so loudly the building rumbled.
  • A hit from behind by Foligno has Reilly taking an awkward faceplant into the boards.
  • Domi takes exception and lets Foligno know. Please don’t do that, Max. We need you.
  • Not an overly exciting period but we’re still in the lead. I’ll take it. /

Third period

  • Tatar rushes towards the net, backed by Gallagher but even the double team attempt can’t get it the puck past Bobrovsky.
  • Man, Drouin is off tonight. I mean, he hasn’t really been on, but he’s really, really off.
  • Mete may have missed the net yet again, but just imagine how much fun it’s going to be when he actually scores.
  • And now we’re tied.
  • Gallagher is upended by Savard so off to the power play we go. Perfect time to get that lead back, fellas.
  • The refs let a high stick to Shaw’s face slide. Guess they thought a 5-on-3 just wouldn’t be fair.
  • Domi gets the puck on the goal line. On the line!
  • Benn’s patience + Tatar sneakiness = Habs take the lead again!
  • Price makes two big saves. I smell victory.
  • And it smells good./

Highlight of the night

EOTP 3 Stars

3) Gotta take one for the team

2) Back up to 100%

1) Unlike Hab at Heart’s wife, these girls never let us down

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