Canadiens vs Rangers Top Six Minutes: Early Exit

Habs head home unable to stave off elimination

For our new readers and community members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.


  • It’s Game Six.
  • Habs are down 3-2.
  • Shaw is out with an upper-body injury.
  • The anxiety is building.
  • But ... Carey Price. /

First Period

  • If the Habs are even half as nervous as I am ... we’re in trouble.
  • A big (get it? Big?) welcome to Michael McCarron who’s making his NHL playoff debut. You know what would go well with a playoff debut? A goal.
  • Radulov gives Lundqvist a snow-shower while Pacioretty drops the gloves with Vesey. Pacioretty fighting?! Oh, it’s on tonight.
  • Off they go to the box for seven minutes.
  • Emelin opens the scoring! This is one weird first half, but I’ll take it.
  • So, crosschecks on Gallagher don’t even count as a penalty anymore, do they?
  • Radulov breaks out the old school hockey skills and blocks a shot by McDonagh.
  • Lehkonen heads to the bench nursing a bloody nose after a high stick by Kreider. Refs call it, “follow through.” Well, if the refs say so./

Second Period

  • Rangers head to the power play after a holding call on Benn. Zuccharello takes advantage and goes short-side on Price to tie the game.
  • The Habs get called for holding but the Rangers get away with crosschecks and high sticks. Time to kick this up a notch fellas.
  • Halfway through and it’s been a fast four minutes without a whistle. Good pace but really just looks like chaos out there.
  • Oh! I have an idea. Get out of your zone Habs.
  • Zuccharello strikes again to make it 2-0. Get. Out. Of. Your. Zone.
  • Ott taps Zuccharello on the head like he’s a child. Best part of the second period so far.
  • A high stick to Davidson and the Habs head to the power play. Again, refs are making up their own rules and not calling a four-minute penalty even though Davidson is bleeding.
  • Weber with a beautiful shot but Lundqvist came up with a pretty save.
  • Okay. Second periods are not normally a strong suit. Take a break. Regroup. Do yoga. Whatever you have to do./

Third Period

  • We have 20 minutes to win this. Nobody needs to be eliminated tonight.
  • Did someone remember to lock Zuccharello in his dressing room?
  • They didn’t lock him in, but Lehkonen gave him a nice hit. ‘Atta boy!
  • He may not have stole the game, but Price is keeping them in the game during the first part of the period.
  • The top line finally showing up with a few good attempts but still can’t manage to get one past Lundqvist.
  • Weber breaks up the rush and draws a penalty from Kreider. Weber is not ready to go home.
  • I miss Andrew Shaw.
  • Face-plant for Weber into Price’s skate. Luckily, his helmet took the brunt of it.
  • Plekanec so close to tying it up but Lundqvist kicks it away with a tip of the toe.
  • Price heads to the bench with 1:20 left.
  • The nail in the coffin with 17 seconds left with an empty-netter by Stepan.
  • Well, Habs. It’s been fun. Excuse me while I go cry in the corner. Rangers win, 3-1 /

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