Friday Morning Warmup - Hamilton Bulldogs renew lease at Copps Coliseum

The Hamilton Bulldogs have scheduled a press conference today for 9am to make an announcement.

For years now there's a constant rumour that the Bulldogs are on the move away from Hamilton. They don't draw massive crowds in Hamilton, which is truly Leafs territory, and with the announcement that Molson is building a state of the art arena in Laval, the rumours intensified.

That is, until the report leaked about what the Bulldogs are set to announce an hour from now, which is a 3 year extension of the lease agreement with Copps Coliseum.

Marc Antoine Godin of La Presse, an excellent journalist and friend of the site, reported on September 23rd that there would be a new 3 year lease agreement with Copps, but the t's needed to be crossed, and the i's dotted. So it shouldn't really be a surprise to anyone.

Bulldogs owner Michael Andlauer desperately wants to keep pro hockey in Hamilton, and it's possible that the extended lockout has helped him accomplish that goal.

There is stability for now in Hamilton for pro hockey, but Godin asks, will the Bulldogs still be the Habs' affiliate in 3 years?

My question for you isn't whether they will or won't, but should they be? Having an AHL affiliate just across a bridge could be a serious benefit, and it would certainly help Canadiens prospects adjust to the limelight a bit quicker. Should the Habs' AHL affiliate be in Laval instead?

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