Bottom Six Minutes: Thank you, goodnight

Fittingly, the BSM podcast ends as it started, with the Habs unexpectedly beating the Leafs.

When I started this podcast during the 2020-21 playoff run, I had very low expectations. I had authored a piece earlier in that season opining that the Montreal Canadiens could beat the Toronto Maple Leafs in a playoff series — an idea that many thought to be ludicrous at the time. I thought it would be interesting to document my reactions with a podcast playing on our long-running top six minutes, but I didn’t expect many would care to listen.

It ended up being far more successful than I had imagined, and it feels fitting to end it with the Habs once again pulling off an unexpected defeat of the Leafs.

I know that not all who read these articles listen to the podcast, and vice versa. I’m also cognizant of how some of my opinions tend to be controversial among readers and listeners alike. I like to think my passion for the Tricolore showed in my work, and to those who have disagreed with, or flat out disliked that work, I believe your opposition to be rooted in that same passion. We all want the same thing, we just have different ideas on how it should be achieved.

My contract with Vox Media stipulates one podcast per week, and I’ve consistently overshot that mark with the BSM. A man of my word, I’ll honour that contract, but I’ll not line their pockets by continuing to upload multiple times per week to spotify and elsewhere. This personal decision effectively kills the podcast in its current form, and I’ll be focusing on prospects once a week until time is up.

But stay tuned. As the Montreal Canadiens refused to allow a terrible first period to stop them from beating the Leafs, I refuse to let the BSM die on someone else’s say so.

À la prochaine.

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