EOTP challenges Montreal to take part in Five Hole for Food

Five Hole for Food combines the greatest game on the planet with a great cause,

If you read this site, there's a pretty good chance that you love hockey. There's also about a 30-40% chance that you live in the Montreal area. If those two things are true, or you're going to be in the Montreal area, you have an opportunity to help those in need simply by having fun, for very little cost.

Five Hole for Food will be coming to Montreal on July 9th, 2013 for their annual tour of the country to raise food for Canada's food banks. All you need is a hockey stick and a can of food to donate and take part in the day's festivities at Place du Canada from 3PM to 7PM.

On their first tour of the country, Five Hold for Food raised 6,000 pounds of food for Canadian food banks. Last summer they raised 4,213 pounds in Montreal alone, and 133,000 across the country. This year they're on pace to nearly double the country wide total, which is an astonishing accomplishment.

Last year the Montreal Canadiens organization got involved and helped out, meaning there's a good chance you can rub shoulders with some alumni, if the good cause and playing hockey isn't enough to draw you in.

As much as Montreal donated last year, I think we can do, far, far more. Please spread this around as much as you can, tweet it, put it on Facebook, share it with your friends. Let's make this year's drive one to remember. I also challenge all other Habs blogs and Montreal based writers to do the same!

You can check out more information about Five Hole for Food here.

You can also check out the Facebook page for the event here.

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