Corey Pronman's top 10 Habs prospects

Each year Corey Pronman ranks the top 10 prospects in each team's system, and he's gotten around to the Habs this year.

Corey Pronman has released his breakdown of the Habs' top 10 prospects, and they coincide mostly pretty well with our own 2013 Top 25 Under 25. There are obviously differences, but here is Corey's list:

  1. Nathan Beaulieu, Defense
  2. Artturi Lehkonen, Left Wing
  3. Sebastian Collberg, Right Wing
  4. Jacob De La Rose, Left Wing
  5. Jarred Tinordi, Defense
  6. Charles Hudon, Left Wing
  7. Michael McCarron, Right Wing
  8. Magnus Nygren, Defense
  9. Darren Dietz, Defense
  10. Louis Leblanc, Right Wing

Pronman breaks down his reasoning in detail within the piece, which you can find here. The Habs were ranked 13th in the NHL overall this year by Pronman, as their system looks substantially weaker without graduated players Alex Galchenyuk and Brendan Gallagher.

We strongly recommend you take a look at other team's rankings as well, you can find all of Pronman's articles on Hockey Prospectus here.

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