Canadiens vs Panthers Top Six Minutes: Brendan Gallagher shines

They say the best things in life are free. In Byron’s case at least, they were right.

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The Habs could clinch a playoff berth, Markov could pass Lapointe, dunno about you, but I’m sure excited.

Quite the ovation for Tim Raines too. That’s pretty cool.

First Period

  • Well that was a nice start.
  • Galchenyuk, Lehkonen and Shaw get approximately 12 million chances. How did none of those go in???
  • I would like to fight every person who sits behind the net and insists on wearing neon. It is one of the most annoying, distracting things ever.
  • I love Carey Price.
  • PAUL, LORD BYRON. What. A. Shot. Also, Beaulieu and Emelin did a good!
  • Oh great. This is going to be a game of yelling about narrow misses, isn’t it.
  • I do not know who 90% of these numbers are.
  • Also, that’s the second good Emelin has done in ten minutes. That’s gotta be some kind of record.
  • IT’S RAINING GOALS. Byron, Gallagher, and Beaulieu again!!!!!!
  • Gally has a hat trick of assists, and the first period isn’t even over.
  • Hockey players playing with supreme confidence might be one of the most beautiful things to watch ever.
  • The third line has three goals, the Habs are outshooting Florida 17-9, and it’s only been 20 minutes!!!

Second Period

  • There’s no way the rest of this game can live up to the entertainment of the first period.
  • Yeah I was right. This is nowhere near as entertaining, even though the Habs are playing well.
  • I really love Carey Price. Have I mentioned?
  • Oh my goodness, Patch!!
  • Really, Shea???
  • This was not the kind of excitement I was looking for, boys.
  • .....Thomas Vanek is on this team??? I forgot that.
  • Oh joy.
  • See, maybe if the refs did their job, this wouldn’t happen...
  • That was entirely the wrong kind of eventful./

Third Period

  • Please don’t let anyone die. That is all I ask for this period. Well, that and the Habs keeping the lead.
  • Damn it, Habs.
  • GALLY. THAT’S FOUR FOR THE THIRD LINE. (And a four point night for Gally!!)
  • And now Danault!!! We’ve gone right back to raining goals!!
  • Offense sparked, Panthers vanquished, playoffs clinched!!!
  • Habs win 6-2!!!/

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