Canadiens vs Flames Top Six Minutes: Smothering the Flames

Habs win big in a balanced effort

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

No Galchenyuk again? Which Habs will we see then? The version when he first got hurt, or will they continue to the recent trend?

First Period

  • Well, I suppose that was a decent start.
  • Maybe don’t led Gaudreau do that... just an idea...
  • Speaking of versions of people/teams...which version of Andrew Shaw are we going to see. The guy who scores and pisses other teams off? Or the one who takes multiple dumb penalties and pisses us off?
  • I like the Habs’ stakeout in the offensive zone. But they only have two shots? Really???
  • Ok which version of the power play are we going to get...huh. The half way decent one, apparently. (Emphasis on the half....) No shots though.
  • Well, so far, it’s the good Shaw.
  • Always nice to hear some positive things about Pacioretty.
  • ...Gaudreau is in a slump of his own? That’s it. He’s getting a hatty tonight.
  • Two minutes left, and the shots are 11-4 for Calgary. This is not good, boys.

Second Period

  • Oh Danault...
  • Oh Emelin...
  • Raduuuuuu!!!!! With a flawless pass from Beau!
  • Petry did not deserve that penalty...but not really sure Emelin actually got high-sticked either so maybe fair is fair?
  • Uh-oh...
  • ...That was the least threatening attempt to set up a 5-on-3 I think I’ve ever seen.
  • You get a broken stick! You get a broken stick! Everyone gets a broken stick!!
  • Go away Engelland.
  • All the Ghetto praise makes me happy. He’s looking pretty good right now.
  • Out-shot 22-13, but leading 3-0? I’ll take it./

Third Period

  • Well. That was a very boring first three minutes of a very boring game.
  • Leave. Andrighetto. Alone.
  • Wow. I forgot Carr could shoot like that.
  • Shaw in all aloneeee...and nothing. Oh well. At least actual hockey player Andrew Shaw showed up tonight.
  • Shots are now 27-18.
  • They gave Carey Price an assist on Carr’s goal!!
  • And now after some interest, back to sleep.
  • Oh wait! I lied. Radulov decided going back to sleep is boring. That backhander was perfection itself.
  • He’s decided to make things even more interesting by going to the penalty box with less than a minute left.
  • DAMN YOU, SAM. Spoiling Price’s shutty.
  • Habs win 5-1, Price gets a point. All with out Chucky. A good night’s work, I’d say./

EOTP 3 Stars

3.  According to my barber’s cousin’s best friend, who knows a guy that is an acquaintance with a mailman who has season tickets, I heard that...

2. No shaving commercials in their future, unfortunately.

1. PUNS!

Habs Highlight of the Night

Beaulieu utterly bamboozles Chad Johnson, and Radulov makes no mistake.

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