Canadiens vs. Ducks Top Six Minutes: Couldn’t complete the comeback

The Canadiens outshot and outplayed, but couldn’t outscore the Ducks.

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Pre-game Thoughts

  • It’s time to go duck hunting.
  • What the...the Anaheim Ducks are in a wild card spot? Oh right, they made the brilliant decision to hire Randy Carlyle.
  • Late night games are the worst. The Habs better win this one./

First Period

  • Montreal started this game with a bang while Randy Carlyle’s team looked like a team that was well, coached by a Randy Carlyle.
  • Early momentum came crashing to a halt when the Habs got an early power play.
  • Torrey Mitchell - is he the most unlucky Hab this year? Poor guy just seems to get slashed, elbowed or high-sticked in the face, at least once every game.
  • Shaw vs Perry. Let’s be real, there was no way these two were NOT not going to fight.
  • Habs outshot the Ducks to high heaven...of course this means that the Ducks scored first. Thanks Hockey Corsi Gods.
  • And just to rub salt in our wounds, the Ducks scored on the power play because of course they would. Montreal: 0, Anaheim’s Flukey PP: 1/

Second Period

  • “Fun fact, Carey Price only has one career win against the Ducks”. Thanks Ducks broadcast.
  • Having apparently learned their lesson from the first period, the Habs decided to do the exact opposite of that in the second.
  • Seriously, all Carey Price is missing is superman’s cape right now.
  • Unfortunately, a fowl duck ended up being his kryptonite.
  • Taking pity on the Habs  Price, the Hockey Gods mercifully let time run out before the Ducks could pot another one.
  • This entire period in a nutshell:/

Third Period

  • I can’t believe I’m staying up to watch this game. Please Habs, give me one reason to feel good about watching this game.
  • Need to kill a 5-on-3? Montreal’s penalty killers are your guys.
  • The Canadiens didn’t like the way second period Habs played, so they decided to go with first period Habs again.
  • This is your mandatory ‘Carey Price = awesome sauce’ reminder.
  • The Habs should have denied their power plays. The team didn’t even put a shot on net on their last attempt.
  • Price is pulled for a sixth attacker and it works! Shaw puts the Habs on the board and ruins Gibson’s shutout bid. Take that you, Perry and Kesler infested Ducks!
  • PDO giveth, PDO taketh away.
  • (and also Andrew Shaw)./

EOTP Three Stars

1. Ha ha.

2. Take my rec.

3. Always.

Habs Highlight of the Night

Price being Price:

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