Canadiens vs. Coyotes Top Six Minutes: Comeback bid thwarted by league’s worst team

The Habs continue their losing ways in the desert.


I have a cup of tea and a general sadness that I cannot watch Patrick Chan skate and instead have to watch the Habs play. I guess I lost this one. One player who has not lost is Tomas Plekanec who is playing his 977 game with the Habs, tying him with Maurice Richard on the all-time list.

First Period:

  • I swear this team wants to be the worst puck management team ever.
  • Carey Price looks so tired of this team this year. He did not sign up for a billion odd-man rushes in one period. I think that’s why he looked hurt there for a moment.
  • Logan Shaw looks like a legitimately fine fourth liner. Colour me pleasantly surprised at this development./

Second Period:

  • I’ve watched a lot of the Winnipeg Jets this year and I now see the difference between a good team and a bad team.
  • How come it feels like the Habs fourth line is their best line?
  • No one should have a job in broadcasting if they are advocating starting a fight to get a team going.
  • The Habs have really great short stretches that are clearly one-offs because the team has no offensive support./

Third Period:

  • Daniel Carr might not be more than a fourth-line player, but his skillset helps that fourth line so much, especially when Nikita Scherbak is his linemate.
  • I don’t think anyone will ever say that Brendan Gallagher scores nice goals, but I think he scores smart gials. He has learned how to use the goalie as an object to bounce the puck off of when he is short on space.
  • You know, Scherback and Carr with Tomas Plekanec would make a really nice third line until the Habs trade Plekanec. Good offensive instincts for all players.
  • Clayton Keller is a very good hockey player.
  • Carey Price lets in an un-Price like goal. It happens. Move on.
  • End the howling thing please./

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