Canadiens @ Senators Top Six Minutes: Ottawa is the new Detroit

There’s just something about the Habs playing the worst team in the league, that makes them look like the actual worst team in the league.

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Remember last year, when the Montreal Canadiens were swept by Detroit, a team that probably would have had a losing record even if they played their entire season five-on-four?

Well, Detroit is still bad this year, but the awesome thing for the Habs is they will not have to play them a single time. The problem is that a certain team from Ottawa has decided that from their division-worst position, they must be responsible for the Detroit role.

The Habs, however, have one more win against Ottawa than they did against Detroit last year. Might as well go for a second, eh?

First Period

  • I wish Nick Suzuki would shoot more.
  • Excellent start. Just don’t sit on that lead, don’t give any opportunities the other way whatsoever. Fill the net.
  • Paul Byron takes a high-sticking penalty. He’s currently not accepting to honour any wishes.
  • The Habs are pretty in control of this game and have a 1-0 lead. This is either going to get really fun, or really sad.
  • Alright, sad it is. Drake Batherson scores the greasiest goal of all time and it’s 1-1.
  • Gree-hee-heeeeeeaasy.
  • Well, a power play. I figure the Senators are as good a team as any for that unit to get back to being useful.
  • Or they could pass the puck 97 times, not shoot, and give up a quality scoring chance the other way, whatever.
  • How sick would it be if they changed the rules so like 10 consecutive passes without a shot counted for a power play goal? The Habs would definitely be top-five in the league.
  • I’ve decided to pretend this period just didn’t happen. New game starts below. /

Second Period

  • The top line actually hemmed the Senators in their zone for a good minute there! I feel like this should be more expected than exciting, but here we are.
  • I’d get way more excited about a goal, but the Habs don’t seem to want to do that much lately.
  • Another Senators power play...
  • Jake Allen has way more work tonight than you want him to have against the last place team of the division... At least he looks good doing it!
  • I like Tim Stutzle. I’d like him a lot more if he’d come play for the Habs but we’ll see. The Senators have a way of running their players out of town.
  • Yet another Senators power play...
  • I’d normally complain for some calls the other way here, but I’m not sure I even want to see the Habs power play right now.
  • Ben Chiarot now leads the north division in minor penalties. It’s quite arguably the one stat you never want to lead in.
  • Joel Armia had to be hooked for about five full seconds to draw a call, but we have a Habs power play! Not sure if I should be excited about this but it’s all I’ve got right now.
  • Spoiler alert: it was nothing to be excited about.
  • Ok so Derek Stepan hit from behind but it’s double minors because Jeff Petry dared to go over there like any hockey player. I suppose the refs are as disenchanted with the Habs power play as I am.
  • Oh hey, Jonathan Drouin got boarded and the refs are okay with that. They must really not enjoy watching the Habs!/

Third Period

  • Alright, just get one and sit on it, I won’t even be mad.
  • ORRRRRRR... Allow another super greasy goal. 2-1 Ottawa and I’d like the money I didn’t pay for this game to be returned to me immediately.
  • Phillip Danault just got away with throat punching Stutzle with his stick. Bad officiating sometimes is just bad officiating.
  • Former Hab Mikey Reilly gives the Habs a power play. I’m reasonably sure he did that on purpose because it basically kills two minutes.
  • Smart move, Mike, seeing as the best chance went to the Sens.
  • This is just terrible.
  • Corey Perry did whaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAT?
  • That was a ridiculous move. I talked smack about the decision to sit Lehkonen for him and he goes and does that? C’mon man.
  • Once again, I’ll take it. 2-2 and at least a loser point seems to be in reach.
  • Drake Batherson just got a random breakaway and Jake Allen robbed him. Apparently Jake Allen is only allowing greasy goals that bounce 20 feet in the air and land in the net tonight.


  • Imagine being excited about getting a point against the last place team.
  • WOOOOAH Jake Allen just did a Hasek-style pad stack to completely rob Brady Tkachuk.
  • What did I say, he’s only allowing super greasy ones tonight.
  • Was Kotkaniemi just trying to kill the clock against the boards? Might be smart.
  • Another breakaway save by Allen. They’re trying, it’s just not greasy enough yet.
  • Can’t stop Tkachuk that time. Enough grease.
  • A well deserved loss for the Habs. 3-2./

EOTP 3 Stars of the night

3) Give it time, see if they can’t make this one happen for us.

2) Just looking for a more entertaining game

1) Mood

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