Canadiens @ Flyers Top Six Minutes: Sean Farrell makes his debut

An even game, which had more scoring in the final 150 seconds than it had in the first 57 minutes of play.

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  • It’s Sean Farrell’s debut, and he’s playing with Jonathan Drouin. I hope they don’t just end up spending 60 minutes passing the puck back and forth to one another.
  • Primeau in the net. I can see a wide span of outcomes from that.
  • Apparently the other goalie, Felix Sandström has only one a single game in his 13 starts this year.
  • Tank battle?/

First period

  • Sean Farrell’s senses were turned up to 11 for his first NHL shift, trying to stay alert to any danger in the defensive zone.
  • Cayden Primeau stops all of the first three shots on goal he’s faced in the opening minutes, so he has that on Jake Allen so far.
  • It feels strange to witness a Habs game which is still goalless three minutes in.
  • Farrell looks good so far. Especially when you consider him being thrust in from the NCAA without any time to practice with the team.
  • If I was a Philly fan, I would be seriously worried for the future. There’s just nothing there.
  • No ideas, no fun players to watch, no cohesion. Just a big lot of nothing. With Tortorella at the wheel.
  • Oh wait. They have Cam York. I retract my statement. Next up: Trophyland./

Second period

  • Gurianov to the box. Power play for the Cheese steaks.
  • We have a goal!
  • Morgan (Jack) Frost opens the scoring with a stone cold shot.
  • A real freezer for the Canadiens.
  • RHP hurt. Blocking a slapshot with your foot is as brave as it is painful.
  • Some true Hawaii style hockey now. Major chance for one team followed by major chance at the other end.
  • Tierney and Pezzetta with a two-on-one, and shootout slayer Pez hits the post. Gah.
  • Primeau robs Allison on a breakaway and then Sandström returns the favour against the Habs.
  • Tied game. Brendan Gallagher!
  • Gally’s on a heater now. Think, just a few weeks ago, there were voices raised about whether he would even get back to full hockey health again.
  • Matheson a fait trébucher Kieffer Bellows. We’ll end this period with a Philly power play./

Third period

  • Feels like this game could go any way now.
  • For the tank, I’m hoping for a loss and a more cemented fifth spot in the lottery.
  • For the story, I’m hoping for a game-winning Farrell goal.
  • Time goes by so slowly for those who wait. No time to hesitate.
  • Morgan Frosty Flake scores with two minutes to go.
  • I feel bad for Primeau, but hey... He’s still above .900.
  • Will Felix Sandström double his win tally this season?
  • Sure looks that way.
  • Goalie pulled. Here goes nothing.
  • And nothing it was.
  • Matheson has to chase back to catch a loose puck, with Owen Tippett intercepting his attempted pass to score 3-1 into the empty net.
  • RHP scores a consoling 3-2 with 22.4 seconds left to play.
  • Good last second attention span from the rookie.
  • Competitive loss? Good for both tank and team development./

EOTP 3 Stars

3) No GM will want to fleece a child

2) They’re going to battle for the title of best Gally the rest of the season

1) Message received

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